100 Lists of Books, part one

I’ve put some effort into keeping track of what I read.  The system is constantly evolving; I like to think that it’s getting better.  I was just looking at one of the documents I use and realized that one thing that was missing was a list of the lists.

Do you keep lists of books read or to be read?  Here at random are 25/100

  1. Literary anomalies
  2. Bible
  3. Quasi-adult literature
  4. 2004 (retrospective)
  5. List of lists
  6. Not a complete waste of time
  7. 2012
  8. Program books to reread
  9. Humiliation
  10. Advanced math
  11. Program books reread
  12. 2010
  13. Seminar readings
  14. Summer 2005
  15. Great scenes
  16. L’enfer
  17. Glad to have read in between
  18. Authors I’ve waited on
  19. 2005 reconstructed
  20. 2007
  21. C. U. dossier
  22. Authors I’m merely curious about
  23. Philosophy of math
  24. J. P. dossier
  25. Movies to see

Yes, I keep a list of movies with my book list.


2 comments on “100 Lists of Books, part one

  1. alicemg2013 says:

    I TRY to keep a list of books I plan to read, but it doesn’t go very well. I scribble titles and authors in the notebook where I keep miscellany that doesn’t quite belong on my calendar, and also on random scraps of paper. I start lists in the back of my personal journal. But too often I arrive at the library or a bookstore without a notion of what I am seeking.

    I hope you will share or explain some of your lists! “L’enfer”!? Who is JP? The first name that popped into my head is Joseph Priestly. Surely not… What is a literary anomaly? Should an author be happier to land on the “merely curious” list or “not a complete waste of time”?

    I hope you will soon post another 25 lists, or some discussion of numbers 9 and 17 above!

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