100 Lists of Books, Part 3

Here are twenty five more lists (at random) from the document I use to keep track of my reading:

  1. Important books not read
  2. For mathematical understanding
  3. Books I haven’t read
  4. Books for Boston
  5. To reread
  6. Political seminar
  7. A. C. dossier
  8. Books briefly seen
  9. Evil characters
  10. Bought for others
  11. Huge topics
  12. Books that confound the category of young adult literature
  13. Best books
  14. Shakespeare checklist
  15. Reference books
  16. Random books
  17. New list of great titles
  18. J. S. dossier
  19. 2012 best
  20. A. L. dossier
  21. Children’s books
  22. Music
  23. Loebs I own
  24. Read to my by Dad
  25. Bought for myself

It’s strange how long it took me to think of making a list of books I bought or a list like best reads of 2012.


One comment on “100 Lists of Books, Part 3

  1. alicemg2013 says:

    I’m curious about #11 (huge topics) and also #16 (random books). Is a random book one that honestly doesn’t fit into any one of the other 99 lists? Have you discussed #12 with our mutual friend JF? Her Master’s dissertation was on YA dystopian fiction. Do you use a program to organize your lists? MS Access? Excel?

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