100 Lists, Part 4 of 4

I looked at my books document the other day and realized I had exactly one hundred different lists of books.  Here are the last 25:

  1. T. C. dossier
  2. Literary mysteries
  3. 2008
  4. W. C. dossier
  5. E.’s books
  6. Cross genre classical authors
  7. Read before college
  8. Seen but not bought
  9. Plutarch
  10. Granny’s coffee table
  11. C. D. dossier
  12. To read again
  13. Mysteries
  14. Loebs to buy
  15. 2013
  16. Bookstores
  17. Before high school
  18. A. P. dossier
  19. Biographies
  20. J. F. dossier
  21. J. C. dossier
  22. Books that cannot be filmed
  23. Greek tragedy
  24. Extraordinary works
  25. Tony Hillerman

I’m surprised that there apparently isn’t another author on here like Tony Hillerman, whose Leaphorn and Chee mysteries I’ve read enough of, and in a random enough order, to need a list.  Unless he belongs in the company of Plutarch and Shakespeare.  Some of these lists barely got off the ground.  Some conflict and overlap.  They are all important to my sense of direction as a reader.


One comment on “100 Lists, Part 4 of 4

  1. alicemg2013 says:

    Granny’s coffee table! What wonderful memories. Granny got me started on Janet Lembke’s books. Wonderful nature writing, and lots about North Carolina. You really need a “Granny List”. She introduced me to Dorothy Sayers, Margaret Maron and Arthur Upfield and that man whose mysteries were set in Japan. I claimed her copies of “Slugging in Out in Japan” and “Limping Through the 21st Century”. When you were born, she handed me a copy of “Pat the Bunny” and announced that your intellectual development was “more important than diapers”. Rest in peace, JRC.

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