Hi.  I read a lot and sometimes take myself too seriously.  Around the time I was thinking of starting this blog, I read “The Cloud Bookcase”, a poem of sorts that helped me to finally find a title I was happy with.  I’m trying to explain, but just read the poem.  It’s hilarious.

Keeping up with what I have read, or plan to, is coming to take up a considerable part of my time.  I don’t like the feeling of having read something only to forget it all, so I do lots of summarizing and gathering of thoughts on paper and I hope blogging will be a good fit.  Lately I’m reading quite a bit of history and I hope to eventually read all the major classical historians, but other things have a way of crowding in.  The New York Review keeps pushing me in the direction of more modern historians.  I read novels too, especially the kind I can easily tell myself are “not merely for fun”, but also science fiction.  I like memorization, poetry of course, but also counties and other geographical subdivisions.  I’ve memorized a good number of sonnets, and once I’ve got all the ones I want, I think I’ll start learning some Latin poetry.  When I’m outdoors, I like birdwatching and things of that ilk, but I’m not sure if I’ll take to blogging about that.

That’s probably enough.  Please comment on anything that strikes you.


One comment on “About

  1. Yay! Finally someone else who blogs about classical things! Nice to meet you. If you ever want someone to chat about Latin poetry with, I’m pretty fluent and well-read in that field. 🙂

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